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Description: Title: Wedding Fun Happy Sex! (SSNI-494) Audio is Japanese. No subtitles. Release Date: 2019/06/19 Duration: 120 minutes Cast: Hoshino Nami Director: TAKE-D Resolution: 1080P Tags: asian censored japanese.female beige.pantyhose pantyhose high.heels fondling blowjob cowgirl reverse.cowgirl missionary handjob titty.fuck bride Hoshino starts the first scene in a business suit with beige pantyhose. She is measuring the guy for a suit and tekes his pants off and touches his tick. So he starts making love to her. He licks her pussy through the pantyhose and panties then removes them and fondles her. She gives him a blowjob and they fuck cowgirl, reverse cowgirl, standing up doggy style and missionary positions. In scene two Hoshino is showing the bride and groom some rings. The bride leaves and Hoshino forces herself on the groom. She is wearing a skirt suit and beige pantyhose with high heels. She undresses him and gives him a blow job. He fondles her tits as she gives him a handjob. Scene three starts with Hoshino dressed as a bride. She gives the guy a handjob and blowjob in her bridal dress. He fondles her tits and she removes the dress so he can fondle her pussy and lick her ass and eat her out. They have sex missionary and doggie style. Scene four starts with Hoshino visiting a guy (the groom perhaps?). SHe is wearing a skirt suit with beige pantyhose. She takes off her heels and lies on the bed. She teases him and kisses him and helps him undress. She gives him a blowjob and that motivates him to undress her. He sucks her tits and removes her pantyhose then fucks her missionary cowgirl reverse cowgirl doggy style and on the side. A blowjob ends the movie.
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