Khloe Kapri - Sweet Taste Of Revenge (2023)

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Description: Khloe Kapri has just been dumped. She caught her boyfriend and instead of apologizing, the asshole blamed it all on her. He said she was boring in bed and that he just couldn't stay faithful to such a plain, prudish woman. Not willing to mope about, she decides that the best way to move on is to get revenge. She meets a new guy, brings him home, and shares her plan. Khloe wants him to record a short video of herself in order to show her boyfriend how sexy she is and make him mad. He likes the idea but has a suggestion. Since her ex wants someone more adventurous, she should do her makeup like a pornstar and wear something slutty while they shoot something that he would never expect. It sounds like a good idea and when she comes back to him, Khloe looks like a complete slut ready to fuck and make a filthy video. She gets on her knees and compliments him on having a much bigger dick than her boyfriend. He silences her by shoving it to the back of her throat and making her look at the camera while he fucks her face. She gags and drools like a good pornstar. Not so boring now, is she? Too bad he will never enjoy this side of her. He wants more than her mouth and pushes her feet up over her head so he can power fuck her tight little pussy. She screams out how much she loves the way he fucks her and knows just how to end things. Khloe begs him to cum on her face, something she never let her boyfriend do. Being bad feels good to Khloe and knowing her boyfriend is going to be jealous when he sees the video feels even better.
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