[teamskeet/MyBabySittersClub] Lola Aiko - The Babysitter’s Diary (2023)

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Description: Lola just got hired as a babysitter by one of his dad’s lifelong friends, Peter. She’s had a crush on him for as long as she can remember, but knowing he’s married Lola can only fulfill her fantasies by writing them in her diary. Yet everything changes on the day she learns that Peter is recently divorced. Lola allows her mind to wander a little further after changing into one of Peter’s shirts and catching a whiff of his intoxicating scent. She writes the spiciest entry on her diary yet while she masturbates right there on Peter’s bed, not realizing he was going to come home from work and catch her. Since Peter had already read earlier that Lola has had a crush on him for a while now, it doesn’t take long for the two of them to reach an agreement that works for them both: Lola gets to be fucked by Peter as long as she doesn’t tell her parents.
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Models: Lola Aiko