Stranger Than Fiction (2019)

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Description: At first glance Evelyn is just a shy, mid-level copyrighter at Wrightwood publishing. But behind the frumpy facade, Evelyn enjoys a new career as a break-out bestselling author under the pseudonym Maxine Powers a secret shes too shy to reveal. When handsome novelist Drew McClintock signs on as her companys newest contract star, Evelyn knows that she must become someone else to win Drews affections. And thus Maxine Powers comes to life as Evelyn gives herself a complete makeover, and assumes a brand new persona as the mysterious and sexy writer. However, she doesnt have everyone fooled, and a jealous coworker is out to reveal Maxines true identity and ruin both her career and her chance at love. Will Evelyn be able to keep her secret, or will her alter-ego Maxine ultimately be her demise?
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